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Meet Mark Berman

Mark Berman views the world through an artist’s lens. As a student of gemology and art history, his passion for fine stylistic detail thrives inside ONE. As the driving force behind ONE, Mark
knows that jewelry is more than a simple ornament. A veteran jeweler, he has studied the mechanics that are required of fine jewelry and combines that with the ingenuity he infuses in
“wearable art.” 

His formal training includes attending the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California earning a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist certification and studying jewelry design and
manufacturing at NYC Fashion Institute of Technology. Mark has been designing and manufacturing jewelry since 2004 and has built a reputation for quality and strong customer focus with his
full-service wholesale jewelry manufacturing company,

Icon Creations


Mark photo.jpeg


Prior to starting Icon, Mark learned the ropes of the jewelry industry when he spent a decade operating his family's retail store. Mark learned the principles of retail while developing an understanding of customer service and individual preferences while working in-store that has been thriving for almost 50 years.
His appreciation for the artistry of the Italian Renaissance fuels his passion for unique jewelry design that incorporates elements of nature, texture, color, and of course fashion.


After studying Art History at Rutgers Mason Gross and following design and fashion trends for nearly two decades, Mark has learned that everyone’s vision of beauty differs. He channels the respect for individual beauty and passion for art into every piece created for ONE. 


One is not a solo operation. Sharing in the design process is Mark’s son, Owen, who has been collecting gemstones since he was four years old. Owen collaborates on design elements offering his youthful perspective and creative insight and Mark refines the ideas and transforms them into beautiful works of art. This father-son collaboration offers ONE's clients a multi-generational amalgamation of

creativity and interpretation.

When he’s not dreaming up new designs, Mark is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his wife Kristin and sons Frederic and Owen. Traveling, trips to the beach, sports, music and winemaking are among his varied interests.  Mark, in conjunction with Church on Tap, actively supports the charity Let them LOL, providing clean drinking water and schooling for children in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Mark is a member of the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) and 

MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America).

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