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The Story of One

Sapphires that rival the ocean blue. Rubies that exude sensuality and strength. Blends of precious metals reminiscent of the core of the Earth paired with extraordinary placements and remarkable gemstones. That’s ONE by Mark Owen.   


Each one-of-a-kind piece is born from inspiration and significance. Whether a concept is derived from a priceless painting that sits in the Vatican or light bouncing off the concrete pavement, we create jewelry as unique as the person wearing it.  


Jewelry has long been a symbol of love. The love between partners, the love of a parent for a child, the love one has for themselves. Each relationship that is shared, every milestone that is celebrated is unique and special. Our designs reflect that distinct magic that relationships are built on providing a tangible expression of devotion.


When you wear a piece from ONE by Mark Owen, you carry with you its raison d'être.


We Believe

Mark bw.jpg

We believe that every stone that comes from the Earth is precious.  From the well-known diamond and ruby to moonstone or amazonite,  every component that goes into our one-of-a-kind jewelry is chosen with vision and purpose. 


Whether we are selecting from a raw, uncut mineral or a unique shape that has been finished, we respect and appreciate all of Earth's treasures.  That's why we only source from conflict-free regions and never use lab-created material.  

Every design we make represents the metamorphosis of nature into wearable art that will last from generation to generation. 

The inspiration for our one-of-a-kind

jewelry comes from all over the world.

All pieces are proudly designed in the USA.

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