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Where are your stones sourced from?

All of our gemstones and metals are mined from conflict-free areas. We source from the US, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Australia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia, Burma and Vietnam as well as other regions.

How can I safeguard my purchase against damage, theft, or loss?

We do not guarantee against gemstones breaking or chipping. All Gemstones can crack, break or chip, even diamonds! We recommend that you contact an independent insurer such as Jewelers Mutual - for more information or make arrangements with your homeowners' or renters' insurance carrier. We can provide you with any additional information that your insurance scenario of choice may request. We suggest comparing rates and coverage before choosing a provider. Ask very specific questions regarding a full range of potential scenarios (E.g. "What happens if all my valuable jewelry gets lost or stolen?" or "What happens if my wedding ring or diamond goes missing?"). Knowing your valuable and treasured jewelry is safely insured will give you peace of mind – and satisfaction in knowing you're protected. We suggest you have your piece checked every 6 months by a reputable jeweler, for tightness and wear. Please contact us if you have any questions.


What is the best way to care for my jewelry?

Most precious metals and gemstones will need very little care to keep them looking fresh and new. To keep your piece looking great, try to avoid wearing in the shower or the ocean and put your jewelry on last to avoid getting cosmetics or perfumes on them. You can clean most gemstones in commercial jewelry cleaning solutions or any non-abrasive dish soap and a soft brush. We do not suggest anything other than these for cleaning. We do not suggest using jewelry cleaning solutions on emeralds, opals, pearls, or any other material that is porous. Please contact us if you have any questions. We also do not suggest regular polishing as microscopic amounts of metal are removed each time.

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