At ONE we use rare and exotic gemstones to create our one-of-a-kind pieces. Learn more about their origins and unique characteristics.  

Australian Opal

Flashes or green red orange and yellow fire make this one the rarest on the earth


It's rich hues make this the most popular are green gems. Although many originate from Colombia, emeralds were often seen in Ancient Egyptian jewelry and are associated with patience and compassion.

Mali Garnet

Found only in West Africa, this golden stone evokes memories of relaxed, warmy summer days and sushine.

Rutilated Quartz

Found in golden and neutral tones, this often has fine strands running through it. Wearing this gemstone is known to bring fortune and increases intuition.


Known for its pain relieving properties, this pink-purple stone has been seen in jewelry from couture to Southwest-styles.

Tourmalined Quartz

With its black strands ice-colored body, this stone helps to navigate challeges and solve problems.


It's soothing turquoise-green hues support open communication and universal love.

Blue Zircon

Shades of blue that mimic the sky on a bright day the blue zircon is among the more brilliant stones. Zircon is the oldest mineral on record dating back over 4 billion years and is associated with happiness and positivity.

Fire Opal

In its own right this semil transparent material breaths orange and red like a dragon.


Pearly and irridescent, this stone revered by the ancients for its resemblence to its namesake,
awakens feminine energies and guides wearers toward tranquility.


While a deep blue often comes to mind, "fancy varieties" come in a rainbow of colors ncluding COGNAC, CABERNET, RASPBERRY, TEAL, PERRI WINKLE, TESTAROSSA and ATLANTA PEACH. You may know the red version as a "Ruby."


Known for their deep purple shades, this rare stone accelerates spiritual growth.
This gemstone can only be found in Tanzania located on Africa's eastern shore.


This bright green highly-facted garnet brings a fresh sparkle that feels like the beginning of spring. Like the riches of a garden, it's associated with good health.


Derived from the Latin phrase aqua marinus, meaning "water of the sea," its name refers to this stone's sparkling ocean-like color. Empowering and balancing, it brings a cooling effect, much like the crisp waters it emulates.


This apple-green mineral often associated with the Goddess Venus symbolizes healing and positivity.


Born from the Earth's mantle, diamonds are the hardest natural substance. Colorless diamonds are the most common variety, pink, canary yellow and shades of gray and blue appear in nature as well. The first diamond engagement ring appeared in 1477, and gained popularity over the centuries since.

Mother of Pearl

The irridesint layers that form and protect a solid pearl, mother of pearl symbolizes lucky and prosperity.


Appearing in a variety of colors including deep red, spinels are protectors associated with revitalization.


The most colorful of gemstones, known for it's watermelon variety showcasing pinks and green, Tourmaline is composed of several minerals. Known for it's transformative energy, it can help turn a frown upside down.


The most common being the Tanzanite, this mineral stone's color and transparency ranges greatly.
From greens to bright pinks, Zoisite awakens confidence and acceptance.

The inspiration for our one-of-a-kind

jewelry comes from all over the world.

All pieces are proudly designed in the USA.



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